Cross-Institutional General/Gateway Education (GE) Course Enrollment Scheme for Undergraduate Students

Cross-Institutional Courses Offered by CityU

Information for HKBU undergraduate students taking courses offered by CityU

Courses offered by CityU in Semester A, 2021/22

College Dept Course Area at HKBU *
CLASS CAH GE1101 Chinese Cultural Heritage in Modern Perspective (Cancelled) GE Level 2
CLASS CAH GE1105 Chinese Music Appreciation GE Level 2
CLASS CAH GE1107 The City in Chinese History and Culture GFHC
CLASS CAH GE1125 Architecture and Space in Chinese Culture GE Level 2
CLASS SS GE1137 Movies and Psychology  GE Level 2
CENG MSE GE1338 Seeing is believing, or is it? GE Level 2
CSCI MA GE1349 Manifold Mirrors: The Crossing Paths of the Arts and Mathematics GE Level 2
CLASS EN GE2105 Popular Culture GE Level 2
CLASS SS GE2109 Love, Sex, and Relationships: Psychological Perspectives GE Level 2
CLASS LT GE2122 The Cantonese Language in Use: Language, Grammar and Culture GE Level 2
CLASS CAH GE2132 Discovering the Dynamics of Contemporary Cities and Architecture in China GE Level 2
CLASS POL GE2134 Critical and Creative Thinking GE Level 2
CB MS GE2213 Understanding Uncertainty and Statistical Reasoning GFQR
CLASS AIS GE3206 China in World Affairs GFHC
SCM SCM GE4103 Technologies in Art, Science and Everyday Life GE Level 2

* For HKBU students who successfully complete the course with a satifactory grade (C-or above), 3 units of the corresponding area at HKBU will be granted for unit transfer.

Application Procedures and Details

  1. Students are required to fill in an e-application form to the General Education Office (GEO) of HKBU for endorsement. Applicants will be notified through email if their applications are duly received.
  2. Applications without the home institution's endorsement would not be processed.  Student will be informed of the application results by the home institution.
  3. Application for courses NOT on the above lists will NOT be accepted for processing.
  4. Students enrolling in a course are required to participate fully in the course, which includes completion of coursework and examinations, if applicable.  Students should observe the rules and regulations provided by CityU course registration.
  5. Courses listed above will be available to HKBU students for enrollment should there be any quota remained after CityU's course registration period.

Application Form

Please visit the General Education Office (GEO) of HKBU for the e-application form

Course Registration

  1. Students will be officially registered for the course and are required to participate fully in the course by CityU.
  2. Successful applicants are advised to apply for a JULAC card from their home institution for access to CityU’s Library.
  3. Requests for withdrawal from a course should be submitted before 4pm, 6 Sep 2021 directly to CityU with the completed Course Drop Form. Late applications will normally not be entertained. No replacement of courses is allowed after withdrawal of the original course.

Academic Calendar and Examination

  1. There are normally 13 teaching weeks in a semester and 7 teaching weeks in a summer term. The teaching weeks and examination periods of academic year 2020/21 are as follows:




    Semester A

    Teaching Period

    30 Aug 2021 – 26 Nov 2021

    Examination Period

    5-17 Dec 2021

    Semester B

    Teaching Period

    9 Jan 2022 – 22 Apr 2022

    Examination Period

    2-15 May 2022

  2. Students will be informed of the examination timetable and related details normally one month before the start of examination period by email.

  3. Study under this Scheme will not lead to a degree or other awards from CityU. Upon completion of courses in each semester, a transcript will be sent to the students via their home institution.