How to Enter AIMS through CityU Portal Single Sign-on (SSO)

If the invoked application does not show up within a few seconds, the connection attempt to the AIMS service might have failed.

To solve the problem, you need to enter the following CityU domains at your web browser configuration, and retry.


Browser Type

How to Enter the Popup Blocker Control Menu


What to Enter

IE8 / IE9

At keyboard, press Alt key.
Click the menu item Tools (at the top of the window).
Use the mouse pointer to locate the option "
Pop-up Blocker".
At the pop up submenu, select the option "
Pop-up Blocker settings".

Alt, t, p, p

At the top of the window, enter
with the input field "
Address of website to allow"
to the list of "
Allowed sites"


At keyboard, press Alt key.
Click the menu item Tools (at the top of the window).
Click the option "
At the pop up menu "
Options", select the tab "Content".
At the right end of the option "
Block pop-up windows" under the ¡§Pop-ups¡¨ section, click the button "Exceptions¡K".

Alt, t, o, (then, follow the manual procedures)

At the top of the window, enter
"" at the field below the label "Address of website", and click button "Allow".


At the URL bar, enter "chrome://settings".
At the bottom, click the option "
Show advanced settings¡K".
At the "
Privacy" section, click the button "Content settings...".
At the "
Pop-ups" section of the tab "Content Settings", make sure that the radio button "Do not allow any site to show pop-ups (recommended)" has been checked, and click the button "Manage exceptions...".

ESC, Alt, ENTER, s, (then, follow the manual procedures)

At the bottom of the window, enter
"" at the field "Add a new hostname pattern" as "Allow" site.

Other Web Browsers



"" at the pop up blocker control as allowed sites.


If it doesn't help, please disable any installed web browser toolbar (e.g. Windows Live Toolbar, Google Toolbar and the like) and unnecessary web browser add-ons. Then, retry.

If the problem persists, as a quick solution, please login AIMS directly (without going through CityU Portal) by clicking the "AIMS" option under the "Quick Links" at the top of the CityU website.

To help ESU to serve you better, please inform us the problem by sending us email describing your situation along with the following basic information through email address "".

¡P         Your computer platform (e.g Windows 8.1, iMac etc.)

¡P         The type and version of your browser (e.g. IE11, Firefox 45, Chrome 49 etc.)

¡P         A screen capture of the browser window

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Updated Date:  22 Mar 2016