Important note

Any student would like to declare a minor should take at least half of the coursework at the Department. That is 8 out of 15 credit units for a minor. In this connection, coursework exemption or credit transfer should be limited to a maximum of 7.


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The Minor in English Language and Literature brings experience and adventure in a classroom. It provides you with the opportunity to explore the world from a perspective rich with literature and cultural critique.

This programme aims to:

  • Assist students in developing their English proficiency though a systematic study of the English language and exposure to English literary texts and enable them to develop their critical and creative use of English.
  • Acquaint students with basic concepts of linguistic analysis and literary interpretation in English.
  • Equip students with the analytical tools and skills to a) analyze English texts and utterances, b) understand and improve their own English language competencies, c) discuss and appreciate literary works written in English, and d) produce creative works in a variety of genres (e.g. poetry, fiction).
  • Promote the interest in and appreciation of English literature and culture in line with the University's mission to 'create a culturally diverse learning ambiance' and 'enhance students' acquisition of communicative skills and analytical abilities.