University language requirement

For bachelor's degree students admitted to programmes which are not nominated for early introduction of the new 4-year degree curriculum in 2010/11 and 2011/12, please refer here for the list of courses which fulfill the university language requirement. .

Discipline-specific courses

The Department of English offers a wide range of Discipline-specific English (DSE) courses to develop students' ability to communicate in a variety of academic or professional settings. The student body served in these courses comes from various departments of the three Colleges in the university, namely the College of Business, the College of Science and Engineering and the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences.

College of Business

EN2161English communication skills for business IB22PDF file
EN2162English communication skills for business IIB22PDF file
EN3163Professional communication skills for businessB32PDF file
EN3164English for information systemsB32PDF file
EN3165Essential English communication skills for businessB32PDF file

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

EN5112English for lawP53PDF file

College of Science and Engineering

The Technical Communication (TC) courses are specially designed for students of a particular program in the College of Science and Engineering. There are two types of TC courses. One type provides training in professional technical communication skills required in engineering firms and IT companies. Students who take these courses learn to communicate work-related scientific information in a variety of written and spoken texts such as product descriptions, technical proposals, investigation reports and presentations. The other type of TC courses primarily aims to develop students' competence in scientific communication for different academic purposes. In these courses, students learn to read popular science and academic science literature, and communicate scientific knowledge in a variety of genres such as laboratory reports, capstone research projects and IT-mediated presentations.

The design of Technical Communication courses is informed by latest theory and empirical research in Discipline-specific English (DSE). Most of the courses are designed using a genre approach, which takes genre as a fundamental unit of learning. Students are guided to explore and master various professional and academic genres in terms of their conventions, rhetorical strategies involved, production and consumption processes, and how all these are shaped by the culture and values of the professional or research communities in which the genres form major communication tools.

EN2251Communication skills IB23PDF file
EN2261English communication skills for computing IB23PDF file
EN2271English communication skills for electronic engineering IB23PDF file
EN2272Report writing for engineersB23PDF file
EN2281English language skills for technology studies IB23PDF file
EN2282English language skills for technology studies IIB23PDF file
EN3241Technical communicationB33PDF file
EN3252Communicating scientific knowledgeB33PDF file
EN3262English communication skills for computing IIB33PDF file

The Technical Communication courses are taught by a strong team of faculty who are experienced in Discipline-specific English and actively engaged in DSE research. Much of the development of the Technical Communication courses has been a result of their research efforts.

Completed projects
On-going projects
  • An analysis of the English Communication skills needed during the internship of Computer Science students
  • An investigation of textual conventions of citations in journals of Information Systems
  • Creating corpus-based online materials and resources for General Education English courses for Engineering and other technical disciplines