University language requirement

For bachelor's degree students admitted to programmes which are not nominated for early introduction of the new 4-year degree curriculum in 2010/11 and 2011/12, please refer here for the list of courses which fulfill the university language requirement. .

All courses

EN2131Asian literature in EnglishB23PDF file
EN2161English communication skills for business IB22PDF file
EN2162English communication skills for business IIB22PDF file
EN2251Communication skills IB23PDF file
EN2261English communication skills for computing IB23PDF file
EN2271English communication skills for electronic engineering IB23PDF file
EN2272Report writing for engineersB23PDF file
EN2281English language skills for technology studies IB23PDF file
EN2282English language skills for technology studies IIB23PDF file
EN2295Effective English tutoringB23PDF file
EN2302Corporate training in English languageB23PDF file
EN2303Analysing contemporary EnglishB23PDF file
EN2304English and Chinese in contrastB23PDF file
EN2319Introduction to English poetryB23PDF file
EN2320Fantasy in literatureB23PDF file
EN2321Modern and contemporary fictionB23PDF file
EN2322Creative writingB23PDF file
EN2323World EnglishesB23PDF file
EN2405Advanced reading and writing skillsB33PDF file
EN2408Advanced speaking and listening skillsB33PDF file
EN2411Language in the mediaB23PDF file
EN2412Collaboration in professional communication B23PDF file
EN2502Language in social interactionB23PDF file
EN2701Languages, cultures and communicationB23PDF file
EN2706Common usage problems in Hong Kong EnglishB23PDF file
EN2707Developing reading and writing skillsB23PDF file
EN2708Developing speaking and listening skillsB23PDF file
EN2709Introduction to English literary and cultural studiesB23PDF file
EN2711The structure of EnglishB23PDF file
EN2712Argumentation and persuasionB23PDF file
EN2713Corporate training in business practicesB23PDF file
EN2714English language skills and strategies B23PDF file
EN2717Literary and cultural studiesB23PDF file
EN2718Literature and AdaptationB23PDF file
EN2719English in societyB23PDF file
EN2720Persuasive WritingB23PDF file
EN2801Popular culture and social lifeB23PDF file
EN2805Modern literature in English: An introductionB23PDF file
EN2807Reading and writing poetry in EnglishB23PDF file
EN2808Introduction to English film studiesB23PDF file
EN2813Designing and delivering effective training programmesB23PDF file
EN2818Gay and feminist literatureB23PDF file
EN2819Hong Kong language and societyB23PDF file
EN2820Crime fiction: murder in the cityB23PDF file
EN2832Popular music and social lifeB23PDF file
EN2837Communicating fashion cultureB23PDF file
EN2842Shakespeare: Introduction to geniusB23PDF file
EN2848Language and digital mediaB23PDF file
EN2854Smart advertising skillsB23PDF file
EN2855Image management for professionalsB23PDF file
EN3163Professional communication skills for businessB32PDF file
EN3164English for information systemsB32PDF file
EN3165Essential English communication skills for businessB32PDF file
EN3241Technical communicationB33PDF file
EN3252Communicating scientific knowledgeB33PDF file
EN3262English communication skills for computing IIB33PDF file
EN3306How languages are learnedB33PDF file
EN3307Teaching English: grammar and vocabularyB33PDF file
EN3308Advanced academic writingB33PDF file
EN3310Strategies in creative communication projectsB33PDF file
EN3321Public speaking and presentations in EnglishB33PDF file
EN3327Drama workshopB33PDF file
EN3329Discourse and pragmaticsB33PDF file
EN3504Intercultural communicationB33PDF file
EN3511Professional communication internshipB33PDF file
EN3513Promotional writing in EnglishB33PDF file
EN3520Advanced technical writingB33PDF file
EN3525English in corporate and professional communicationB33PDF file
EN3560Technical writing and document designB43PDF file
EN3561Advertising copywriting in EnglishB33PDF file
EN3571Advanced English phonetics and phonologyB33PDF file
EN3572Fiction writingB33PDF file
EN3573Poetry writingB33PDF file
EN3574Creative non-fiction writingB33PDF file
EN3575Script writingB33PDF file
EN3576The English novelB33PDF file
EN3577Creative and cultural study tourB33PDF file
EN3578Creative writing for children and young adultsB33PDF file
EN3579World Literature in EnglishB33PDF file
EN3580Literature in the digital ageB33PDF file
EN3581Literature and the cityB33PDF file
EN3583Facebook and Autobiography. How we narrate ourselves on social network sitesB33PDF file
EN3584Professional communication study tourB33PDF file
EN3584Professional communication study tourB33PDF file
EN3585Creative professions internshipB33PDF file
EN3585Creative professions internshipB33PDF file
EN3586Organisational culture and communicationB33PDF file
EN3587Critical discourse analysisB33PDF file
EN3588Advanced English grammarB33PDF file
EN3589English speech and performanceB33PDF file
EN4166Writing for new mediaB43PDF file
EN4505Cross-cultural organisational communicationB43PDF file
EN4510Professional communication projectsB46PDF file
EN4511English in creative and cultural professionsB43PDF file
EN4512Management communication in EnglishB43PDF file
EN4513Case studies in corporate communicationB43PDF file
EN4519Public relations writing in EnglishB43PDF file
EN4525Gender discourseB43PDF file
EN4527Professional and corporate discourseB43PDF file
EN4528Multimodal and mediated discourseB43PDF file
EN4534Writing for management II B43PDF file
EN4563Writing for managementB43PDF file
EN4564Strategic business communication in EnglishB43PDF file
EN4565Negotiation in professional contextsB43PDF file
EN4566ESP and corporate training managementB43PDF file
EN4572Creative professions projectsB46PDF file
EN4573Language in law and crimeB43PDF file
EN4574Communication strategies in business projectsB43PDF file
EN5112English for lawP53PDF file
EN5315Genre analysis of specialised discourseP53PDF file
EN5316Issues in ESPP53PDF file
EN5317Multimodal and mediated discourse analysisP53PDF file
EN5318Environmental discourseP53PDF file
EN5450Literature, language and cultureP53PDF file
EN5461Language in its social contextP53PDF file
EN5462Grammar and discourse in language teachingP53PDF file
EN5464English phonetics and phonologyP53PDF file
EN5465Second language acquisitionP53PDF file
EN5466Testing and evaluation in language studiesP53PDF file
EN5490Grammar and lexisP53PDF file
EN5491Discourse analysisP53PDF file
EN5911Contexts and issues in ESPP53PDF file
EN5912Discourse variation in professional communities IP53PDF file
EN6301Summer writing workshop I P63PDF file
EN6302Summer writing workshop IIP63PDF file
EN6303Reading like a writer I P63PDF file
EN6304Reading like a writer IIP63PDF file
EN6305Generative writing workshop I P63PDF file
EN6306Distance mentoring creative writing I P63PDF file
EN6307Distance mentoring creative writing II P63PDF file
EN6308Distance mentoring creative writing III P63PDF file
EN6309Directed reading and critical writing I P63PDF file
EN6310Directed reading and critical writing IIP63PDF file
EN6311Critical thesis P63PDF file
EN6312Creative thesis P66PDF file
EN6313Graduate creative writing workshopP63PDF file
EN6314Graduate creative writing workshop IIP63PDF file
EN6315Graduate creative writing workshop IIIP63PDF file
EN6316ASummer Writing Workshop III (A)P63PDF file
EN6316BSummer Writing Workshop III (B)P63PDF file
EN6317ADistance Mentoring Creative Writing (A)P63PDF file
EN6317BDistance Mentoring Creative Writing (B)P63PDF file
EN6318ADistance Mentoring Cross-Genre Creative Writing (A)P63PDF file
EN6318BDistance Mentoring Cross-Genre Creative Writing (B)P63PDF file
EN6319Distance mentoring advanced creative writingP66PDF file
EN6320Distance mentoring book project creative writingP69PDF file
EN6321Writing life internshipP66PDF file
EN6471Research methods in English studiesP63PDF file
EN6472Independent studyP63PDF file
EN6482New technologies in language teachingP63PDF file
EN6483Teaching language, literature, and popular cultureP63PDF file
EN6485Vocabulary in language teaching P63PDF file
EN6486Language, culture and educationP63PDF file
EN6492Research projectP63PDF file
EN6494New literacies and language learningP63PDF file
EN6495Approaches to language teachingP63PDF file
EN6496Critical discourse analysisP63PDF file
EN6505Curriculum design in language studiesP63PDF file
EN6506Corpus approaches to language studiesP63PDF file
EN6507World EnglishesP63PDF file
EN6508Critical approaches to literatureP63PDF file
EN6509Postcolonial Literature and cultureP63PDF file
EN6510Asian and Asian diaspora literature in EnglishP63PDF file
EN6511Practical teaching for TESLP63PDF file
EN6512Special topics in English studiesP63PDF file
EN6513Human rights literature and cultureP63PDF file
EN6514The long nineteenth century: From romanticism to modernismP63PDF file
EN6515Medieval and fantasy literatureP63PDF file
EN6516Sexualities, desire, and the body in modern British literatureP63PDF file
EN6517Literature and the cityP63PDF file
EN6518Travel writingP63PDF file
EN6519Studies in literature and filmP63PDF file
EN6520The graphic novelP63PDF file
EN6521Discourse, ideology and powerP63PDF file
EN6921Discourse variation in professional communities IIP63PDF file
EN6930Independent studyP66PDF file
EN6931Research methods in ESPP63PDF file
EN6941DissertationP66PDF file
EN6951Acquisition of specialist discourseP63PDF file
EN6952Instructional Strategies in ESPP63PDF file
EN6953Corpus development in ESPP63PDF file
EN6954Workplace communicationP63PDF file
EN6955New technologies in ESPP63PDF file
EN6957Programme management and evaluation in ESPP63PDF file
EN6958Persuasive communicationP63PDF file
EN6959Curriculum design in ESPP63PDF file
EN6960Visual communicationP63PDF file
EN8001English Department research students’ seminar 1 R81PDF file
EN8002English Department research students’ seminar 2R81PDF file
EN8006Literature review for research writingR82PDF file
EN8007Managing thesis-writingR83PDF file
EN8008Preparing and making academic presentationsR82PDF file
EN8009Publishing internationally during the doctoral careerR83PDF file
EN8010Research methodology for research degree studies in EnglishR82PDF file
EN8011Research writing in business administrationR83PDF file
EN8012English for academic research and publicationR81PDF file
EN8013English for academic research and publication in science and engineeringR83PDF file
EN8930Independent studies IR82PDF file
EN8931Independent studies IIR82PDF file
GE1401University EnglishB23PDF file
GE2105Popular cultureB23PDF file
GE2108Literature in our livesB23PDF file
GE2115America: Peoples and cultures of the United StatesB23PDF file
GE2216New literacies in the information ageB23PDF file
GE2222Sports, culture and societyB23PDF file
GE2401English for scienceB23PDF file
GE2402English for business communicationB23PDF file
GE2403English and the environmentB23PDF file
GE2404Asian literature in EnglishB23PDF file
GE2405Creative writingB23PDF file
GE2406Shakespeare: Introduction to geniusB23PDF file
GE2407Reading lives, writing selves: Autobiography and cultureB23PDF file
GE2408Travel writing: Discovery and experienceB23PDF file
GE2409Words and images: Reading and writing in the 21st CenturyB23PDF file
GE2410English for engineeringB23PDF file
GE2411Legal EnglishB23PDF file
GE3401Exploring English CinemaB33PDF file