• Hardware and software are available for production of media contents in high definition, 360 (degree) and/or 3D formats.
    Support flipped classroom
    Provide immersive learning experience
    Produce VR (virtual reality) package as an alternative to field trip
    Consultation available upon request
    Canvas can deliver media contents to registered students only.
    VR experience is facilitated via smartphone with or without Google cardboard.
  • Cloud-based Qualtrics provides an easy-to-use interface to create and manage online quizzes, surveys and assessments.
    Collect immediate feedback in-class and share results right away
    Surveys for courses or projects
    Browser-based; in-the-cloud; no software to install.
    Mobile device friendly survey templates are available.
  • Canvas by Instructure acts as the unified e-learning platform at CityU.
    Distribution of course contents
    Course-based communication with students
    Assignment collection
    Online tests
    Group projects
    Most of our other e-learning solutions are integrated with and accessible thru Canvas.
    Canvas by Instructure apps allow anywhere anytime learning through smart phones / tablets.
  • Ubiquitous mobile technologies make learning part of daily life by maintaining student engagement.
    Enable social learning with mobile upload
    Data collection in field activities
    Participate in classroom assessment
    Be informed 24x7 by Push technology
    Canvas by Instructure apps provide continuous connection to CityU Canvas.
    Various apps are supported for different pedagogies.
  • Turnitin scans assignments and generates reports on originality to alert teachers and students on potential plagiarism issues.
    Scans essays / reports submitted by students
    Provide feedback to students using GradeMark
    Support peer assessment through the PeerMark tool
    Integrated with Canvas, Turnitin features are easily accessible.
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