Welcome to the Writing Studio. The Writing Studio is a free service that offers one-to-one help with writing assignments. We are staffed by trained peer tutors and graduate teaching assistants from around the world. Our goal is to improve you as a writer as you move through the writing process.

If you are interested to visit us, please make an appointment first and upload any documents you would like us to help you with before you come, so that our tutors will have sufficient time to preview your work and offer you thorough advice.

  1. Please make an appointment before you visit us to ensure that there is a tutor available for you.
  2. Each appointment session lasts for 30 minutes.
  3. Each appointment starts on the hour/half hour, and ends on the hour/half hour.
  4. We only permit two 30-minute sessions to be made per day. Any students who have booked more than two sessions will have their third and subsequent sessions removed without notification.
  5. For students who have registered for an appointment, if you are late for 5 minutes or more, then your appointment will considered as no show and cancelled, and the consultation session will go to those who are waiting in line for a walk-in service will be served instead. You may either reschedule an appointment yourself, or wait at the back of the walk-in queue for a service (depending on availability of consultation hours and tutors).
  6. If you cannot login or encounter any problems, please contact us at writing.studio@cityu.edu.hk. We will look into the problem for you. In the meantime, if you are in urgent need of a consultation, you are welcome to walk in and notify our receptionists that you are walking in for a consultation due to technical issues which prevented you from making an appointment.
  7. For walk in services, we can only provide you with one consultation so that other students can also make use of our service.




Writing and The Writing Studio



Writing is important for university students

Writing is a valuable learning tool that can help students synthesise, analyse, and apply course content.  Students who can communicate effectively in writing tend to get better grades and better jobs.  The Writing Studio can help you polish your writing skills in order to be more successful.


Benefits for Writing Studio visitors

Students who regularly visit the Writing Studio should be able to

·         Develop ideas logically and coherently in writing

·         Identify and correct errors on text structure, grammar, and usage

·         Reflect on their writing processes as well as writing skills and strategies to become a more effective and independent writer


The writing process

The writing process describes the steps from start to finish a writer takes to complete a polished piece of writing.  Effective writers use strategies that are different from ineffective writers.

An effective writer

A less effective writer

  • Starts writing early

  • Starts writing at the last minute

  • Spends more time planning and brainstorming, carefully considers how to organize the paper

  • Little time planning, little consideration of organisation

  • Spends more time revising

  • No or little time spent revising

  • Tries to get feedback from others

  • “revision” focuses on correcting grammar errors

  • Revises for meaning and clarity

  • Adopts a “write-and-submit” approach

  • Re-reads their writing critically to identify and solve problems with the assignment



The Writing Studio can help you to develop writing strategies that will make you a better writer.


Making best use of the Writing Studio service

Come as early in the writing process as you can so that you have adequate time to revise as much as you need, as well as time to make subsequent appointments before the assignment deadline.  We do not have time in one session to cover all of your questions so we highly recommend making second and third appointments.  Our tutors cannot help you to the best of their abilities if your assignment is due the next day.

After you have made your appointment on our website, it’s important that you think critically about your assignment and priortise your biggest concerns.  Ask yourself questions like:

1.       What are the purposes of my writing in this assignment? How far have I achieved those purposes?

2.       Who are the target readers of my paper?  Have I written well to draw their attention to the topic?

3.       What do I feel good about my paper? What is not so good (organisation/tone/sentence structure/vocabulary/citation)?

4.       Is my thesis statement clear?  Is the information consistent with my thesis throughout my paper?

5.       What parts of the writing process do I struggle with the most?

6.       Is there a certain paragraph I feel is weaker than the others?

You are part of the discussion in the Writing Studio and your session will be most productive if you have prepared some questions and concerns beforehand.


Writing Studio for different needs

The various Writing Studios are staffed by student tutors and graduate teaching assistants with different specialties.  Students needing help with different course papers can visit the corresponding studio as below.

Students needing help with…

Location of help

ELC assignments and GE assignments

ELC Studio

Discipline specific assignments

College/School Studios



Opening Hours:

Business and Law Studio; Liberal Arts and Creative Media Studio; Sciences Studio; ELC Studio; MA Studio
Week 3 – 5, Mon – Fri, 12:00 – 16:00*
Week 6 – 11, Mon – Fri, 12:00 – 17:00*
Week 12 – 13, Mon – Fri, 13:00 – 17:00*

*Availability depend on individual tutor’s schedule. For details, you may consult the Writing Studio counter receptionist.

Our Location:

ELC Lounge, 2/F, AC 1 for:
Business and Law Studio; Liberal Arts and Creative Media Studio; Sciences Studio; ELC Studio; MA Studio

Contact Us:

Tel.: 3442 7607
E-mail: writing.studio@cityu.edu.hk

Adverse weather arrangements

If the black rainstorm warning or the typhoon signal no 8 or above is in force at or after 7:00 a.m., Writing Studio will be cancelled for the day.