Specific Teams within the ELC are responsible for different areas of the Centre’s work.

The Management Team consists of the ELC Head, Managers and the senior member of the administrative staff.

The team’s role is to:

  • Ensure that all management decisions are well-informed
  • Oversee the design, implementation and review of quality assurance procedures
  • Act as a communication channel

The team members are:

ELC Head
  • Fiona Williams
  • Christy Chan
  • Hebe Wong
  • Stephen Bolton
  • Tim Birkett
Administrative Assistant
  • Addy Kam

The Timetabling Team consists of a Manager and the Administrative Assistant, Addy Kam.

Other teams Team leader
Team 1 Stephen Bolton (EAP)
Team 2 Christy Chan (ELSS/Ad-hoc Self-funded Projects)
Team 3 Hebe Wong (EFCAD/EECAD/Inter-university research projects/SAC)
Team 4 Tim Birkett (Assessment)