SAC Links

The Self-Access Centre finds the following links useful for self-study.

All Skills
Practise your English with a wide range of interesting resources: get some help to understand the news, expand your vocabulary, revise your grammar in a very innovative way, practise your pronunciation or business English skills, learn about UK culture, etc.
This website provides a series of videos on everyday life topics (Living English), news stories (English Bites), business situations, etc. There is also a TV programme about daily life in Australia (Nexus) and IELTS preparation tasks.

English for Academic Purposes
A site that specializes in academic English.
A very good resource for many aspects of academic English.
A university website with some excellent resources.

Writing (to improve your writing skills, also look at the Grammar links)
An essay writing workshop, from the pre-writing stage of developing ideas to shaping information into coherent paragraphs.
Writing guidelines for Engineering and Science students. Information and exercises are available on formal reports, proposals, journal articles and academic writing style.
Activities on essay and report writing as well as links to writing sites.
Tips on the organization of academic essays. Useful frameworks to follow for beginners.
A thorough presentation of the different parts of a formal report with writing tasks for acknowledgments, contents, literature review, methodology, findings, recommendations, appendices, etc.
The Purdue University online writing lab. A wealth of resources and exercises on academic and professional writing with a good collection of sample letters.

Resources and activities on pronunciation features and the use of the IPA.
Collection of useful expressions and idioms classified in alphabetical order.
Practise recognizing the IPA symbols by clicking on them and listening to how they are pronounced.
A typewriter to use phonemic fonts in your word documents.

A wealth of conversation and listening comprehension exercises classified by level and themes. Each listening comprehension task is followed by a revision exercise.
Some sample telephoning conversations. The rest of the site offers good practice of business English skills.

Listening quizzes and tips at various levels.
News summaries prepared by the RTHK news team at hourly intervals. High level.

These articles on recent news have been simplified and have vocabulary explanations.
Hong Kong local news in short, simple articles.
Interesting, short articles about new scientific developments.
Longer articles for higher levels.
A series of texts related to business or workplace themes with comprehension exercises.
Articles on geography, ethnography, wildlife and nature.

Texts and exercises to help you master the list of 450 academic words.
A wealth of activities for learners of advanced vocabulary.

Rules and exercises on a wide range of grammar structures.
A list of links on a wide range of grammar topics.
Many exercises and explanations of grammar structures.
Detailed explanations on grammar, sentence structure, parts of speech and writing skills.
An online writing centre with explanations on sentence structure, relative clauses, parts of speech, tenses, etc.

English Language Tests
All the information you need about IELTS and many downloads available, including the candidate handbook.
An increasingly popular English Business Test in Hong Kong.

Dictionaries and Thesauri
Very clear definitions and example sentences.
Provides information about word frequency for both written and spoken English.
Gives information about word frequency and different levels of formality.
This dictionary will help you to find common word combinations.

Learning Styles
A reading text about learning styles.
A learning style quiz.
Information which will help you determine your learning style.
A questionnaire with feedback which will help you determine the type of learner you are.

Games and Fun Activities
A series of webquests which you can complete in groups.
Some interesting quotes on a variety of topics.
A selection of free, fun games to practise simple areas of English grammar.