Look at the following examples. Are they sentences or phrases, complete sentences, simple sentences, compound sentences, or complex sentences? The choices are provided at the end of each item, for which "P" stands for phrases, "I" for incomplete sentences, "S" for simple sentences, "Cpd" for compound sentences, and "Cpx" for complex sentences. Click the dropdown menu to see the answer.

1. Because of the opposition from the religious groups and some legal professionals, euthanasia is still not legalized in Hong Kong.
2. As their lives are prolonged with the help of the life support system.
3. If the patients suffer from pain which we cannot imagine.
4. Unless the patient is proved brain dead, no doctors can stop treating him.
5. Especially in the medical field, euthanasia raises heated debates.
6. Have the will to overcome the disease, or have the disease defeat you.
7. Since they think that they are burdens to their family and society.
8. Owing to a shortage of medical resources, many medical care resources for the curable patients are taken up by these incurable patients.
9. Once euthanasia is legalized, it will open a flood gate for which there is no safe guard.
10. Many people hold the view that since medical resources are limited, those who have terminal diseases should not be treated with the limited resources.
11. Not willing to see his brother suffer the great pain and being unaware of the potential charge of murder, Simon Li unplugged the life support unit.
12. To relieve the pain, to rescue and to sustain the life of the patients.
13. Let him who has the right decide for himself.
14. As long as there is life, there is hope.
15. Even though the patient repeatedly requested death and their family members consented on the understanding that there is not much hope for recovery.