All lessons are conducted as scheduled. It is important for students to be punctual and attend all lessons. Absence from lessons can have a serious impact on students' ability to complete assessments successfully, and to pass the course overall, as each lesson contains important input and opportunities to practise.


Students who do not turn up for an exam automatically fail.

Students who arrive

More than 30 minutes late to a written exam are not permitted to enter the exam venue and automatically fail.

Students who believe they have a valid reason for missing an exam should raise an online mitigation request before the exam or as soon as possible afterwards. Supporting documentation, such as a medical certificate, should be provided.

If an exam is missed for a valid reason, the result will be recorded as I (incomplete) rather than F (fail), and the student will be allowed to sit the exam again at the next opportunity.

Students who have a valid reason to defer an exam can write to the ELC Head to seek approval. If they do not get a reply within two working days, they should contact the ELC General Office.