The following is the assessment structure for ELC courses:

Courses Coursework Exam
EL0009 English Foundation Course for Associated Degree Students 40% 60%
EL1002 English Enhancement Course for Associate Degree Students I 15% 85%
EL1003 English Enhancement Course for Associate Degree Students II 40% 60%
EL0200A English for Academic Purposes 1 35% 65%
EL0200B English for Academic Purposes 2 60% 40%

ELC exams are usually run in the study / revision week in the semester. Other exams may be scheduled at the discretion of the ELC.

The Academic Regulations and Records Office posts the exam schedule on the Academic Information Management System (AIMS) and informs students when the schedule is available. Students are responsible for finding out when and where the ELC exams take place.

Students who wish to defer an exam should present their cases via AIMS and submit original of the uploaded supporting document(s) to the home academic unit as soon as possible and no later than 5 working days of the examination. Please refer to for details.

All assessments go through an Exam Moderation Committee, which makes the final decision whether a student passes or fails. The committee takes into consideration a student’s overall performance.