Appeals & Behaviour

Students who wish to appeal any ELC decision should state their case clearly and explain why they wish to appeal. All cases must include sufficient information and supporting documentation.

Appeals regarding class attendance or absence from examinations should be sent to the ELC Head.

Students who wish to appeal exam results may first apply for an informal grade review by filling in a form at the ELC General Office within 5 working days of the announcement of grades.

All requests for review of Course Grades are governed by Academic Regulation and Record Office .

Academic Honesty

Academic honesty is a central value of the University. Students are expected to present their own work, properly acknowledge others' work, and honestly report findings obtained.

Plagiarism is copying someone else’s work without acknowledging the source. If students are proved to have plagiarized in a course, they will automatically fail the relevant assessment, and formal disciplinary action may also be taken.

Proven plagiarism can lead to termination of studies at CityU.

Student Discipline

Mobile phones and pagers must be turned off during classes and exams.

Any student whose disruptive behaviour makes it difficult for a teacher to teach a class will be given one verbal warning. If the disruptive behaviour continues:
  • The student will be required to leave the classroom
  • Their attendance will be deducted accordingly
  • A report on the incident will be recorded in the ELC Student Disciplinary File
  • Being told to leave the classroom can potentially lead to failure in a course through non-attendance.