Teaching Philosophy

Communicating Course Aims and Objectives

The Chan Feng Men-ling Chan Shuk-lin English Language Centre encourages teachers to:
  • Make intended learning outcomes clear to students
  • Make evaluation criteria clear to students
  • Explain the methodology they employ to students


The ELC encourages:
  • Student interaction and participation
  • A student-centred approach to teaching
  • Activities that are challenging, achievable and intrinsically motivating
  • Activities that are relevant to specific student groups

Creating a Positive Attitude and Atmosphere

The ELC encourages:
  • Students to feel free to take risks and make mistakes
  • Students to take responsibility for their own learning
  • Teachers to be friendly and approachable
  • Teachers to instil confidence in students and build up self-esteem
  • Teachers to offer pastoral care

Learner Training

The ELC encourages:
  • Active learning
  • Critical thinking
  • Independent learning
  • Lifelong learning