English Language Mentoring Scheme (ELMS)

The English Language Mentoring Scheme (ELMS) aims to help 1st, 2nd and 3rd year undergraduate and Associate Degree students of UGC funded programmes who are 18 years old or above at the time of registration develop their English communication skills in different social settings. Active participation should enable students to interact in a range of situations.

Groups of ELMS members participate in a variety of social activities with exchange students or staff members regularly from week 4 to week 11 in each semester. Each group devises activities which provide opportunities to practise English in social contexts, such as having tea, sharing meals or having discussions.

ELMS activities are not English lessons.

The scheme provides students with an opportunity to:
  • Communicate in English outside of the classroom
  • Improve their English competence
  • Meet people from different backgrounds
  • Make new friends in the University
Participants learn to:
  • Discuss a variety of issues in social situations
  • Express their opinions
  • Describe their experiences
  • Respond appropriately in conversations
  • Use a wide range of vocabulary in social situations

Registration for ELMS opens in Week 2 of each semester. To register for a mentoring group, please go to the ELC activities registration page.