How Research Practice Informs Teaching Pedagogy: From Passive Listening to Ways of Knowing By Dr. Kuo Frank YU

Workshop Series

Date:   10 November 2015, Tuesday
Time: 12:00 - 13:30
Venue:  Room 1314 (AC2)


In this teaching and learning workshop, we will explain the research-teaching link from the practice perspective that illustrates research-oriented teaching pedagogy; identifies barriers to linking research in teaching; and exemplifies some methods to link via sample successful discipline-based teaching methods in humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. In particular, we will investigate and propose how a research-based pedagogical approach can enhance students’ critical and reflexive thinking ability; train teachers and students to become informed consumers of research and research’s impact on professional practice; develop awareness of scholarship as an ”open ended inquiry” bounded in the context of knowledge-generation process; blur interdisciplinary boundaries via reflecting in and on action of research and teaching as well as discovering new connections; lastly, bridge practice-scholarship gaps through learning by doing.

Speaker: Dr. Kuo Frank YU

Dr. Kuo Frank YU currently services as co-chair of the All Academy Practice Theme Committee (PTC) of Academy of Management (AOM, 2013-2016). His research interests include interdisciplinary approaches to managing risk and uncertainty; apology, accountability, and image restoration practices; high reliability organizations and practices; and research methodology that capture socially constructed practices longitudinally. His passion lies in producing actionable knowledge through collaborating with industries and multi-disciplines. He adopts a practice lens in researching organizational phenomena from both micro and macro perspectives. He is currently co-editing a handbook called, "Measuring and Affecting International Academic Impact: Effects of Regulatory and Academic Policies", with Usha Haley and Tyrone Pitsis. He is also on the editorial board of Journal of Strategic Contracting and Negotiation.

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