Workshop Series

The goal of the workshop series is to build a community of faculty and academic staff to help them develop, improve and integrate creative, innovative and effective use of appropriate pedagogies and technologies to enhance student learning. The Office of Education Development and Gateway Education (EDGE) offers a variety of professional development workshops and special programmes. These workshops are opportunities for staff to share and explore ways to enhance learning and teaching.



Using What We Know About How People Learn to Reach More Students and Change Their Thinking
Speaker: Dr. Bill Rando - Associate Dean in the College and Executive Director of the Chicago Center for Learning at the University of Chicago

Team- Based Learning: Group Work that Works
Speaker: Dr. Amanda Irvan Director of the Faculty Programs and Services, Columbia University

Education 4.0: Are We Ready at CityU?
Speaker: Dr. Crusher Wong - Senior Manager e-learning, CityU HK

The ABCs of OBTL (for SCOPE)
Speaker: Dr. Paul Corrigan - Senior Education Development Officer, CityU HK

Lights! Camera! Action!

  • Dr. Paul Corrigan - Senior Education Development Officer, CityU HK
  • Mr. Tarloff Im - Education Development Officer, CityU HK

Facilitating Discussion 654321
Speaker: Dr. Paul Corrigan - Senior Education Development Officer, CityU HK

Getting Started with Online Learning through Zoom in Canvas
Speaker: Dr. Paul Corrigan - Senior Education Development Officer, CityU HK



How can a lecture promote my student’ critical thinking?
Speaker: Dr. Bill Rando - Associate Dean in the College and Executive Director of the Chicago Center for Learning at the University of Chicago

Analytics, AI, & VR for teaching & learning” What? Why? How?
Speaker: Dr. Crusher Wong - Senior Manager e-learning, CityU HK

Lecturing Easy as P. I. E. (for SCOPE colleagues)
Speaker: Dr. Paul Corrigan - Senior Education Development Officer, CityU HK

Lecturing Easy as P. I. E. (for EE colleagues)
Speaker: Paul Corrigan - Senior Education Development Officer, CityU HK

Active learning across the curriculum: Strategies for enhancing student learning and engagement
Speaker: Dr. Britt Toven-Lindsey - Senior Consultant and Active Learning Specialist, Center for Teaching and Learning, University of California, Berkeley

Why, when, and how to flip: Strategies learnt from a flipped classroom project in higher education
Speaker: Dr. Paul Lam - Associate Professor, Centre for Learning Enhancement and Research, CUHK



Facilitating Tutorial Discussion 6 5 4 3 2 1
Speaker: Dr Paul Corrigan

Innovation in the Liberal Arts and Sciences in China:Six Recommendations to Shape the Future
Speaker: Professor Noah Pickus



Professional learning and career development of university students and Experience sharing from Dr. Indu Singh
Speaker: Dr Indu Singh

Memorization or understanding: are we teaching the right thing?
Speaker: Professor Eric Mazur

Using the Degree Qualifications Profile to Guide Signature Assignment Design across General Education
Speaker: Professor Kathy Johnson

Global Citizenship and Study Abroad: How can study abroad broaden your horizons both academically and personally?
Speaker: Miss Nina Lewis


Electing a President: The 2016 Compaign in Context
Speaker: Mr. Lloyd Neighbors

A university MOOCs, instructors moo
Speaker: Professor King Chow

How Research Practice Informs Teaching Pedagogy: From Passive Listening to Ways of Knowing
Speaker: Dr. Kuo Frank YU


4 Feb 2015: Pedagogical Data Collection And Statistical Analysis How to Demonstrate Your Teaching is Excellent And Students Are Learning?
Speaker: Dr. Jingjing Guan

23 Jan 2015: The Role of International Education and Exchange in International Relations
Speaker: Mr. Tim Worm

19 Nov 2014: Teaching Excellence Experience Sharing (TEES) Session
Speaker: Professor Maris Martinsons
Presentation Materials by Professor Maris Martinsons (Staff Only)

11 Sep 2014: Teaching Large Classes: quality eduction despite the odds
Speaker: Dr David J Hornsby


Academic Literacy Project in English (ALPINE)
Speaker: Dr Paul CORRIGAN

7 May 2014: The Rise of China and America's Role in Asia
Speaker: Mr. Andrew Shaw

7 April 2014: Beating the Tenure Clock: Important Tips for Launching a Successful Career
Speaker: Professor Martin D.F. Wong


3 June 2013: Peer Review Training Session
Speakers: Professor Kwok LEUNG, Dr Robert Charles LAGUEUX
Presentation Materials by Professor Kwok LEUNG (Staff Only)
Presentation Materials by Dr Robert Charles LAGUEUX (Staff Only)

20 March 2013: On Winning the Race: From the Swimming Pool To Discovering World History
Speaker: Professor Olle FERM

How much do you remember about the Middle Ages and the emergence of Western civilization? Perhaps something about the Roman and Byzantine empires, the Vikings, the Crusaders, the Black Death, Marco Polo and Gothic architecture. These are all roots which have shaped European civilization, and they are also important sources for mankind in developing human civilization in the contemporary globalized world. To demonstrate the relevance of the historical wisdom embedded in these roots is at the core of Professor Olle Ferm’s scholarship, and his career can be seen as a race to do his utmost to fulfill this task.  Seen as a race, his scholarship may be compared to sports, and Professor Ferm has also been a sportsman, a world-class Olympic swimmer. To attain success, whether in academic work or in sports, requires practice and perseverance. Professor Ferm has been very successful both as a sportsman and as a scholar, and in his lecture he will share with us his experience of how these two roles have been intertwined in his life.

23 Jan 2013: Hybrid Teaching Method: Video Conferencing
Speaker: Dr. Sarah Kenderdine

As part of teaching innovation using new technologies, this workshop explores using video conferencing (VC) as hybrid teaching methodology. As a TDGs awarding project, Sarah will share her tips on successful integration of VC on how her students being able to interact with their peers, the instructor and the experts both synchronically (in class or via the chat and microphone system of the video conferencing software) through her research nding from the several semesters of videoconference teaching on the hybrid course Intelligent Heritage: New Technologies and Cultural Heritage Management ( that brought the students together with leading museum professionals in the eld of Cultural Heritage, regardless of location. Apart from the possibility of the widening community of professional education and training, it can be expected to increase the opportunities for collaborative projects between students on an international scale.

5 December 2012: Teaching Large Classes: Reflections and Tips
Speaker: Prof. Dennis Wong
Teaching Large Classes: Reflections and Tips
Presentation Material

LASSI Staff Workshops (on demand)

Consultations and workshops for your classes targeting specific LASSI components are available. Please consult EDGE for more details.


GE-TEACH Series (2009)

In preparation for the implementation of the Gateway Education (GE) curriculum as part of the 4 year degree programme, the Associate Provost (Academic Planning and Undergraduate Education) and the Office of Education Development and Gateway Education (EDGE) partnered to present a series of staff development sessions GE-TEACH during Semester B, in 2008-09 & 2009-10. In addition, the EDGE offered a series of workshops focusing on Active Learning in the Classroom, to assist in the design and development of new GE courses within the OBTL framework and to increase alignment with the approved desired characteristics of GE courses.
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Strategic Teaching Enhancement Programme (STEP) Series (2005 - 2010)

EDGE has developed STEP to assist new and experienced academic staff to adapt to the changing nature of the environment in which they work, and incorporates significant learning opportunities in relation to OBTL and e-learning, as well as maintaining the focus on understanding how our students learn, assessing the strengths and weaknesses in their learning strategies, and providing resources and academic support to enable students to take proactive action to better manage their own learning. STEP consists of 10 related sessions where participants are engaged in a range of interactive activities.
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