Office of Education Development and Gateway Education

Staff Development Module:
Generic Introduction to Part-time Teaching at CityU

Generic Introduction to Part-time Teaching at CityU

Are you teaching part-time at CityU? Would you like to know more about teaching CityU students? A Generic Introduction to Part-time Teaching at CityU for New Faculty will help you get oriented to both your students and the educational approaches at CityU.

In this online module you will:

  • Learn about the background of our students, how they live, and the challenges they face;
  • Find out how to make the most out of meeting students for the first time;
  • Learn a few fundamentals on using discussions in your teaching;
  • Acquire some basics of effective lecturing;
  • Pick up some essentials of assessment and grading;
  • Discover about student diversity and inclusion;
  • Get an idea about teaching with technology; and,
  • Learn about additional resources at CityU to help you develop in your teaching.

The module video is about 12 minutes long. Participants will be requested to take a short mini-quiz before they start the module and again at the end of the module. A digital badge and a Certificate of Completion will be awarded to those who successfully complete the module.

Note: During the transitional period (January - March 2018), registrants may retake the post-quiz until they obtain a score of 70% or better, in order to obtain a badge (“Completion”) and then proceed if they wish to the final assignment (“Completion with Honours”).

Course Information

Target participants: Part-time teaching and instructional staff
Study hours: < ~0.5 hour
Course date*: Offered online throughout the year. Participants can enroll through AIMS
Module coordinator: Dr Paul CORRIGAN

* Participants can enroll anytime during a semester or the summer term and work at their own pace but typically are expected to complete the module by the end of the semester or the summer term.