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Staff Development Online Series:
Outcome Based Teaching and Learning (OBTL)

Outcome Based Teaching and Learning (OBTL)

Outcome based teaching and learning is a student-centered approach to learning. The approach is about expressing learning outcomes from the students’ point of view, organizing our teaching around those student outcomes, and then creating assessment which will provide evidence to show the extent to which an individual student has achieved those outcomes.

The three modules in this series provide faculty and teaching staff with basic details on the outcome based teaching and learning approach at CityU. Modules are available through Canvas with online videos of about 10-12 minutes each with some supporting materials. Faculty and teaching staff who register for a module will be requested to take a short quiz before they start the module and to do so again at the end of the module.

Faculty and teaching staff who complete all three modules and complete a short written reflection are then eligible for an in-house staff development credit. Participants planning to complete all three modules are recommended to take the modules in sequence.

Modules in the series include:

Module I – Intended Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this unit, you will be able to:

    1. Summarize the features of intended learning outcomes;
    2. Differentiate between objectives, output, and outcomes;
    3. Generate intended learning outcomes for tutorials and lectures.

Module II – Teaching and Learning Activities

Upon completion of this unit, you will be able to:

  1. Explain similarities of effective TLAs;
  2. Describe different types and examples of TLAs;
  3. Apply different types of TLAs for the achievement of ILOs.

Module III – Assessment Tasks

Upon completion of this unit, you will be able to:

  1. Explain the differences between formative and summative assessment;
  2. Apply basic principles of question design for assessment;
  3. Apply principles of rubric design for assessment.

Successful completion of the series will be recorded as completion of an In-house Staff Development activity (Teaching & Learning) unit in the HRO system.

Faculty and instructional staff who successfully complete an individual module(s) rather than the whole series will be awarded a Certificate of Completion for each module completed.

Course Information

Target participants:

Faculty and teaching staff

Study hours:

2-3 hours for the three module series and the short written reflection (i.e., <1 hour per module). 

Course date*:

Offered online throughout the year. Participants can enroll in each module separately through AIMS

Eligibility for in-house staff 

Completion of all three modules including module quizzes and a short reflective assignment. When all three modules and quizzes are completed, participants will be given a prompt on which to write a 500 word reflection, which is based on the three modules, and submit it for feedback to the course coordinator.

Course coordinator:


*Participants can enroll anytime during a semester or the summer term and work at their own pace but typically are expected to complete the module by the end of the semester or the summer term.