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Feedback from some of the PALSI Leaders and Students

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Feedback from previous PALSI Leaders

Mr Chenwei CAO (AP, 2011 Graduate)

Role: PALSI Leader (2010-11)

In the beginning, I was unsure of my capability of handling a PALSI session because of the language problem and my introversion nature. However, all my worries were gone after the first session. I found that language is never a problem when I really have something to say; and "difficulties" are only difficulties when looking at them afar.

This experience gives me a deeper understanding on "teaching is learning". I had to re-visit the subject again in order to answer my fellow students' questions; many of my previous misunderstandings were classified in this way. My interpersonal skills are also improved significantly; I am more willing to share my opinions with others in conversations now.

I cannot ensure how much my help weighs to the students, but I am sure that friendship is the thing we all gained. I am really grateful for being a PALSI Leader, and I hope that more and more students will participate in the Scheme.


Mr Man-Kit LUI (IS, 2011 Graduate)

Role: PALSI Leader (2010-11)

I am pleased to be one of the PALSI leaders in last Semester B.

PALSI has brought a lot of joyful and challenging moments. It depends on your ability and willingness to switch from pressure to happiness.

Collecting feedback helped me improve a lot on my facilitation skills. For every PALSI session, I asked students what they expected to learn in that session. This is an interactive process to respond to students' needs and move forward on a right track together.

Besides listening to students, I also recognize the importance of having good preparation before running sessions. For IS subjects, they involve a lot of technical knowledge which always make students frustrated. Being a responsible PALSI Leader, I need to strengthen my knowledge by searching the Net for up-to-date information.

I am looking forward to another opportunity to be PALSI Leader in the near future.


Miss Polly YUEN (MS, 2010 Graduate)

Role: PALSI Student (2007-08) & PALSI Leader (2008-10)

I experienced varying degrees of impact brought by changes and pressures exerted by the new environment during my first year of university study. I had lots of questions in my mind and was curious about how to prepare for a fruitful university life and how to focus on developing my interests on my academic discipline.

PALSI is a meaningful scheme to help Year 1 students like me to facilitate a smooth transition from secondary school to university study, fully develop our academic strengths and acquire the social skills that are useful in our future career.

In Year 2 and Year 3, I was given a great opportunity to work as a PALSI Leader and PALSI Mentor. I had more opportunities to interact with different people, share my knowledge and my university life. Through this scheme, I can also benefit from the Training Series (by Mr David Santandreu) in motivational and leadership skills that I acquire.

All these would be a really enriched part of my university life and I always look for further opportunities to explore my horizons.


Miss Chealia FAN (MEEM, 2010 Graduate)

Role: PALSI Mentor (2009-10)

ChealiaI have been a PALSI Mentor for two years. I am glad to be one of the PALSI Mentors and my major tasks are to conduct PALSI session visits. Before I start visiting various sessions, I was trained on how to have effective session observations and complete the corresponding PALSI visit records.

During the visits, I have opportunities to meet with other students studying different programmes. PALSI Leaders consolidate their knowledge and suggest more learning strategies in a relaxing atmosphere. These can greatly improve your academic result and provide a chance of extending your personal network.

Also, it is good for me to have more working experiences before joining the job market. I am about to graduate. Working in a team and communicating with all ages are successful elements for job hunting.

It is really regrettable that I did not join the PALSI as a PALSI Student when I first entered university. I am happy to see that there are more MEEM courses joining the PALSI. I highly recommend my junior students to take PALSI when I met them in departmental mentor-mentee activities. Come and join us! Enjoy the fabulous learning experiences here!