Office of Education Development and Gateway Education

For PALSI Students

PALSI Students

You are required to attend ONE of PALSI Orientation Talk sessions if you want to join PALSI.

Due to limited number of PALSI Leaders, resources and space, not all applicants can successfully enroll. However priority will be given to those who have attended the PALSI Student Orientation Talk in the same semester.

Semester A 2017-18 

Date Time Building Venue Remarks
7 Sep 2017 (Thu) 1400 - 1500 AC1 LT-17  
7 Sep 2017 (Thu) 1500 - 1600 AC1 LT-16  
7 Sep 2017 (Thu) 1800 - 1900 AC1 LT-18 New session
8 Sep 2017 (Fri) 1300 - 1400 AC1 G5-216 Cancelled
8 Sep 2017 (Fri) 1500 - 1600 AC1 LT-5 Cancelled
11 Sep 2017 (Mon) 1200 - 1300 AC1 LT-10 New session
11 Sep 2017 (Mon) 1500 - 1600 AC1 LT-5  


  • For those students who joined PALSI in 2016-17, they are NOT required to take part the Orientation. You will receive a separate email about the PALSI registration details.
  • Please register ONE of the Orientation sessions through AIMS.


Steps to register via AIMS:

  • Login on AIMS
  • Choose "Student Services" tap
  • Click "On-line Application for In-house Student Development Courses"
  • Select “Office of Education Development and Gateway Education (EDGE)” in the drop-box
  • Click "Apply"