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Workshop for English For the Medium of Instruction (EFMI)

Workshop for English For the Medium of Instruction (EFMI)

Workshop for PALSI Leader Semester B 2018-19

Session Week Date Time Building Venue
1 Week 1 14 Jan 2019 (Mon) 1600 - 1730 LI 2201
2 15 Jan 2019 (Tue) 1600 - 1730 LI 2201
3 16 Jan 2019 (Wed) 1600 - 1730 LI 2201
4 17 Jan 2019 (Thu) 1600 - 1730 LI 2310
5 18 Jan 2019 (Fri) 1600 - 1730 LI 2201


  1. Please register ONE of the sessions on CRESDA.
  2. For those PALSI Leaders who joined the EFMI workshops before; they are NO needed to attend again.

A 90-minute English workshop for PALSI Leaders
This workshop will provide the PALSI Leaders with the specialized language skills they need for English for the Medium of Instruction (EFMI), especially in the small group PALSI setting/session. The workshop will enhance students’ English while modelling pedagogy principles which the PALSI Leaders can adapt to their small PALSI group teaching. Short quizzes will reinforce students' knowledge. An optional follow-up in-classroom descriptive, non-judgmental observation and consultation will also be available to help students. Participants will receive CRESDA recognition for the workshop and optional observation each.

Steps to register via CRESDA

  • Login on AIMS
  • Choose "Student Services" tab
  • Select "Central Repository on Student Development Activities (CRESDA)"
  • Select “Available Student Development Activities” or “Search activity” by typing keywords in the search browser at the top and look for specific activities
  • Click “Click Here To Apply” for registration of an activity

You may refer to the “CRESDA Student’s Guide” on the SDS webpage for further details: