Office of Education Development and Gateway Education

Nominated PALSI Courses

Nominated PALSI courses (Semester B, 2017-18)

Course Code Course Title
AP1201 General Physics I
BMS3006 Transfusion Science and Technology
BST12331 Materials in Built Environment
BST12350 Legal Principles and Practices
BST12511 Thermal Science
BST12512 Fluid Science
BST12513 Building Electrical Science
BST12712 Legal Studies
BST12752 Building Measurement
BST22316 Construction Technology
BST22532 HVAC Services 2
CA19111 Integrated Studio – Small-scale Building (Topic 1)
CA19121 Integrated Studio – Small-scale Building (Topic 2)
CA19131 Integrated Studio – Small-scale Building (Topic 3)
CB2100 Introduction to Financial Accounting
CB2101 Introduction to Managerial Accounting
CB2200 Business Statistics
CB2201 Operations Management
CB2400 Micro-Economics
CB2402 Macro-Economics
CB2500 Information Management
COM4308 Television News Practicum
EE2004 Microcomputer Systems
MA1200 Calculus and Basic Linear Algebra I
MA1201 Calculus and Basic Linear Algebra II
MBE2101 Thermo and Fluid Dynamics