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Test Strategies

To do well on tests and examinations you must first study and assimilate the material, and then review it before the test.

I study very hard 2 weeks before the examinations and often stay up all night, is it a good strategy?

Not really! You will end being so tired that when you take the exam you won't be able to think clearly enough to answer the questions you DO know! You will also sleep in class (釣魚) or in the Podium, miss your MTR station and be late and your health will suffer as well!

This is what you should seriously consider to do:

  • Concentrate in class and take good/clear notes (discuss them with you classmates)
  • Organize your notes from time to time, highlight the key points and check your previous assignments (your instructor's comments are useful)
  • Estimate the hours you will need to review all the materials
  • Draw up a realistic and measurable schedule
  • Test yourself on the material (ask your classmates to test you!)
  • Finish your studying the day before the exam and relax, meditate, take some fresh air, play sports to oxygenate
Estimate the hours

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