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Self-Testing / Study Aids

Your professor/tutors at CityU will often ask you to read Chapters in textbooks or various articles (academic/non/academic) and it is sometimes difficult for you to identify what information is crucial and needs to be remembered. You can of course highlight, underline and annotate the chapter/article as you go on: it will emphasize information in your mind helping you to review important points later but it is not enough.


I want to improve my reading strategies, what can I do?

How to make Mind Map

Mind Mapping is an important technique that improves the way you take notes, and supports and enhances your creative problem solving. By using Mind Maps, you can quickly identify the structure of a subject and the way that pieces of information fit together.

It's very easy to start using mind maps. Simply take a piece of paper and put the main idea you want to brainstorm on in the middle of the paper and start thinking of all of the things related to that topic. Draw one line out from the center of the paper for each idea, using different colors, then from that idea start other lines off that idea for all of the related ideas it brings up. You may wish as well to use symbols, drawings or images. In my example here, I want to organize a fund-raising event at City University to generate income to sponsor a newly-built primary school in Inner Mongolia.

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