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Online Student Guide for OBTL

Information Processing

Good Information skills are essential for successful students and professionals.

As early as the first week in Semester A, you must not only study but also successfully assimilate a huge volume of information. Your aim is to get the maximum benefit from your reading with the minimum effort!

  • Knowing what you need to know and reading accordingly
  • Skimming, scanning or studying?
  • Using active reading techniques to pick out key points
  • Using the table of contents for reading magazines and newspapers
  • Knowing how to extract information from different article types
  • Using indexes, tables of contents, and glossaries to help you assimilate technical information.

So many things to read, how can I remember all of this? Do you have a solution?


Identify what is to be memorized. It is good plan to use a special marking symbol (you can easily find them in Wingdings:Wingdings) in text and notebook to indicate parts and passages, rules, data and all other elements which need to be memorized instead of just understood and remembered.

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