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Concentration means directing your attention on whatever you intend to do.

When you say that you can't concentrate, it usually means that you cannot stay focused on one thing for as long as you would like

You do not concentrate when you allow your environment to distract you

External Distractions: e.g. Television/Wii/NDS, Noise, conversations, telephone)

And/or your thoughts and feelings to interrupt you

Internal Distractions: e.g. Hunger; tiredness; illness, daydreaming, Personal worries, stress, anxiety).

Your mind jumps from one thing to another


How can I improve my concentration skills?


Spend some time beforehand to plan what you are going to work on/study. Be specific and realistic and give yourself a time frame. 'I am going to work on my Final Year Project some time later' is not very helpful. 'I am going to spend the next two hours reading Chapter 1&2 (Marketing Management by Philip Kotler and Kevin Lane Keller) and highlighting the main points. I'll work on chapters 1&2 of this book first, and if I have time, I'll start on chapter 3.

Break down your work into small manageable chunks and set a goal that you can reach.

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