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Test anxiety is a nervous feeling that you get sometimes when you are about to take a test or an examination. And you need to remember something: It's pretty normal to feel a little nervous and stressed before a test. Just about everyone does. All anxiety is a reaction to anticipating something stressful (upcoming exams, papers or presentations).

Don't you think Avril Lavigne is nervous before going on stage in front of thousands of fans? After launching a new CD, being on stage is a kind of a test, she will definitely feel very anxioius.

Focusing on negative things that could happen fuels test anxiety. For example, someone worrying about doing poorly might think thoughts like, "What if I forget everything I know?" or "What if the test is too hard?"

Any tips to reduce my anxiety level?

Preparation! Do your home work, you need to feel in control and ready to meet any challenge. Procrastinate and you will only feed your anxiety and worry!



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