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TAIT Gallery - An Institution-wide e-Learning Tool for OBTL

Introduction II

If you are already confident about your knowledge of OBTL and Constructive Alignment, you can click on the button below and go straight to the e-learning tool to look at some of the examples. Many experienced teachers have preferred teaching and learning activities or assessment tasks that we have come to trust as effective means of facilitating learning and we want to know how to fit these into a constructively aligned OBTL framework. Consequently, we have designed the TAIT Gallery to allow you to select from drop-down menus of Action verbs, Teaching and Learning Activities (TLA's) or Assessment Tasks (AT's). If you decide to begin with the Action Verb menu, and select a verb, the tool will provide you with some suggestions for constructively aligned TLA's and AT's. Alternatively, if you are looking for some ideas on how some of your existing TLA’s and AT’s might fit within a constructively aligned framework, you can select from either of these two drop-down menus for some ideas on which Action Verbs might be suitable for your Intended Learning Outcomes (ILO's).

Time to get started! If you want a brief reminder or introduction to some of the terms or concepts then simply turn the page and continue to read. After a brief introduction to each of the key concepts you will be taken to the e-learning tool where you can experiment with some ideas and see some concrete examples to stimulate your own creativity. If you want to skip the brief introduction to the concepts then simply click on the button that takes you straight to the e-learning tool.

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