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With the implementation of Discovery-Enriched Curriculum (DEC), CityU encourages students to widen their perspectives and knowledge base and eventually have their own discoveries. Some students’ discoveries are realized in the form of prototypes, and then commercialized by forming start-ups. TGIF is a monthly gathering for CityU communities including students, alumni and staff in order to nurture innovation and entrepreneurship.


There are four main objectives of this gathering:

  1. Sharing from an experienced entrepreneur and a CityU student start-up founder
  2. Create a momentum for networking and talent matching
  3. Build a closer cluster of CityU student innovators and entrepreneurs
  4. Help CityU and local start-ups acquire talent via internship programs while CityU students can obtain valuable work experience in start-ups

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Students Entrepreneurial Journey in America & the Ability to Persevere

Date: 19 May 2017

Mr. Korey Cournoyer and Dylan Gans (Exchange student from USA)

Dylan is a student entrepreneur who has built multiple businesses between lifestyle brands, construction companies, and new age restaurants. He currently runs business development for a NYC startup with over $15 million in funding.

Korey has been actively involved in the creation and growth of over 30 start-ups and small businesses and currently spends his time between Boston, Providence, and New York City consulting with startups across all industries.

Korey and Dylan will talk about their start-up experiences in USA as students and compare with local student entrepreneurs in Hong Kong. Also, they will have an open a discussion with the audience about the challenges and solutions they have found, as well as answer any questions about their own experiences.

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Past Events

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TGIF (19 May 2017)

On 19th May, we were honored to have Dylan Gans and Korey Cournoyer, two exchange student entrepreneurs from America, to share their entrepreneurial journey and compare their experiences with the local start-up ecosystem that they have learnt during their stay in Hong Kong.

They gave tips to successful entrepreneurship including identifying opportunities, taking risks and following an untraditional path. They also emphasized the importance of bootstrapping, which is utilizing free or alternative services during the early stages of startups. This enhances creativity while understanding the basic functions of the business.

The student entrepreneurs also compared the entrepreneurial support in America and Hong Kong. They introduced the accelerator programs provided in the US and school sponsored funding which are similar to the funding scheme at CityU and the ease of starting a CityU club.

Afterwards, students had the chance to interact with the speakers on topics related to entrepreneurship. More...

TGIF (17 Mar 2017)

On 17th March, we were glad to have Ms Candy Chung, the Founder and Chairman of OFFICIEL Charitable Foundation and Mr Raphew Cheung, the Co-founder and the projective drawing analyst of Hong Kong Professional Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy Institute to share their start-up experience and bring the event to a great success. Students got chances to interact and develop into topics related to entrepreneurship with both speakers.More...

TGIF (17 Feb 2017)

On 17th February, we had a delightful evening with Mr. Simon Squibb, the founder and Chairman of Nest Global and Mr. Oscar You, the founder of Farmer Era Mobile App. As an angel investor based in Hong Kong, Mr. Simon Squibb had revealed his behind stories of his first start-up and shared some entrepreneurship tips to our students. Another speaker, Mr. Oscar You is now studying and pursuing his start-up dream at the same time. His sharing was encouraging to the students who still hold hesitations on turning their start-up ideas into prototypes or products. More...

TGIF (20 Jan 2017)

On 20th January, we were glad to have Dr. Data Ng, the founder of Printact to share his startup journey in running a 3D printing company. His sharing was particularly useful to students who are interested in becoming a technopreneur. We also had Mr. Adam Lau, a Year 4 CityU student (who co-founded Heycoins during his college days) to share tips on how to be a student entrepreneur in the university. More...

TGIF (18 Nov 2016)

On 18 November, 2016, we were glad to have Mr. Ian Huang, to share his startup and VC stories, and keys to select mentor and mentee. Mr. Oswis Wong, our CityU alumnus, was invited to share his experience in running a startup right after graduation and the challenges encountered. Sharing from both speakers have inspired our students to their own startup journey. More...

TGIF (23 Sep 2016)

On 23rd September 2016, Mr. Stark Chan was invited to share the paths lead to start-up road by revealing his childhood stories as well as the challenges he faced during his study in university. Another special guest was Mr. Francis Lee who shared his start-up journey from Hong Kong to Beijing and how he successfully built up his business network in both places. More...

TGIF (20 May 2016)

On 20th May 2016, we were glad to have Mr. Paul Lee to share his inspiration on digital marketing and expressing his viewpoint towards current Hong Kong Entrepreneurs’ trend. Also, we had Mr. Castiel Kie, our CityU graduate, to share his road from an initial failure to success of having his own startup. His sharing inspired our students to have passion and persistence in start-up journey. More...

TGIF (18 March 2016)

On 18th March 2016, Dr. Xueping Chen, our CityU PhD graduate, was invited to share how she turned to an entrepreneur from a research student and introduced her invention of transgenic medaka (Oryzias melastigma) for estrogen disruptors testing and its impacts on the society. Another special guest was also CityU graduate, Mr Kinni Mew, who established Mindlayer Limited in 2016. He shared his start-up experiences on how to build a company with low cost. More...

TGIF (19 February 2016)

On 19th February 2016, Innovation Commons and CityU Outreach successfully held the first Tea Gathering of Innopreneurs’ Friday at CityU. Our honorable guests, Dr. Alan Lam and Mr. Issac Wong, shared their start-up experiences to CityU students from multi-disciplines inspiring and developing students’ interests on start-ups. More...


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