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2016 CityU IP Conference for Students

2016 CityU IP Conference for Students

How to Become a Successful Patent Attorney


For those people who are willing to know more about the latest technological developments in multiple technical fields, such an aspiration can be achieved by joining the intellectual property service industry. As a patent attorney, he/she can contact with different invention products or new technology at work, and gain more knowledges.

對於有興趣了解多技術領域的最新科技發展的人, 投身知識產權行業可達成願望。作為一個專利師,可以在工作中接觸到不同的發明產品或新技術,從中獲得較多知識。


Ms. Liz Yip

Manager of IP Centre of Federation of Hong Kong Industries, she is a qualified Chinese Patent Attorney, Executive Council Member of Hong Kong Institute of Patent Attorneys Limited and Chairwoman of Hong Kong Chinese Patent Attorneys Association. She has nearly 20 years of experiences in patent services.


現任香港工業總會知識產權中心經理, 是合資格的中國專利代理師、香港專利師協會理事以及香港中國專利代理師協會副主席, 擁有近20年專利代理經驗。