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Seminar Series: Getting Started with Startups


Are you thinking of a unique type of career after graduation? This seminar series can open the door to knowing more about the opportunities and challenges in the special world of startups.

A startup is a new company that has a new service or product. This co-curricular, education development seminar series is for all students from every major who want to know more about how to establish a startup. The series, now in its second year, will feature more founders of several startups, including several at the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park.

Students will be able to learn some of the main factors and issues in establishing a startup, including innovative ideas and the importance of team work as well as legal issues. The speakers are experienced startup entrepreneurs who will share their experiences and advice with students.


By the time students have completed the series, they will be able to:

  1. Describe the main steps in establishing a startup;
  2. Discuss the importance of observation in creating an innovation;
  3. Demonstrate effective startup team work;
  4. Discuss some main legal issues for startups;
  5. List sources of future funding for their startup.

Seminar Dates

2 November, 2017


Talk Title: Pokeguide
Speaker: Mr. Brian Hui
Company: Pokeguide

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Personal Bio:
Mr. Brian Hui

Mr. Brian Hui is the Co-founder of Pokeguide Limited, a company devoted to improving the efficiency of passengers riding on mass rapid railway (a.k.a. metro) all over the world. Its flagship mobile app, Pokeguide, guides people where they should board the MTR train, so that they could find the quickest way to (leave the) exit and go to their destination directly. Pokeguide won the Gold Award of the Best Smart Hong Kong Award in ICT Award 2016, and named as "20 Hottest Start-ups 2016" by Hong Kong Magazine. Before starting the business, Brian has 10+ years of working experience in business consulting, strategy formation and execution, and IT project management in MNCs.

13 November, 2017


Talk Title: Start-up in Healthcare Industry
Speaker: Prof. Andrew Leung, Emeritus Professor of CityU
Company: Smart Integration Company, CEO

Personal Bio:
Prof. Andrew Leung

Professor Andrew Leung taught in HKU and Manchester U and is now Professor Emeritus of HK City University. He is the director of Social Enterprise Ltd and Smart Integration Company and is non-executive director of Prosper Construction Holdings Limited (HKEx).