Artificial Intelligence and Art

Principal Investigator



Machine Learning (ML) is a field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that investigate how algorithms can learn from observations and data, as opposed to having explicitly programmed behaviour. Over the past two decades ML has become one of the most important techniques in information. ML, and especially Deep Learning (DL), provide solutions to problems that seemed unsolvable (often outperforming humans. Lately, DL has also been used within artistic applications, with techniques including stylistic transference between images, computer “hallucination”, and creative writing, among many others. This project proposes the creation of a discovery-enriched software framework that will leverage the educational possibilities of SCM allowing students to incorporate Deep Learning techniques into their projects. The project also proposes the creation of a new course that will focus on providing students with hands-on experience on Deep Learning in a highly innovative environment. The course will facilitate entrepreneurship education, for students will be asked to reflect on the potential real-world impact of their Deep Learning–enabled prototypes.