Developing CEM Simulations as a Powerful Courseware for Students to Learn Customer Experience Management

Principal Investigator

  • Prof. Zhilin YANG


In the modern corporate operational process, a positive customer experience is the key factor in determining the success of the enterprise. While most business students understand the concepts of customer service and customer experience, it is difficult for them to actually apply these concepts at the organizational level. The courseware, Customer Experience Management (CEM) Simulation, is well designed specifically for students who are not familiar with real-world business practices. It simulates a three-month business operation time frame for a specific business environment. Students can take part in this attractive, highly appealing business simulation as part of an enterprise management team or as a member of an employee team to help them identify and implement key factors in creating a superior customer experience. In this simulated business environment, students need to overcome common pressures and obstacles, resolve possible conflicts, build customer trust, and achieve effective results. Ultimately, having assimilated these experiences, they will master the various interconnected relationships between different service elements and will learn how to achieve better customer service in a real environment, thus creating an extraordinary customer experience. The courseware is suitable for such courses at CityU as service marketing, customer experience management, service management, financial service marketing, both at undergraduate and postgraduate level.