Project TEDY - Technologies for the Elderly and Disabled people by Youths

Principal Investigator

  • Dr. Miu Ling LAM


Young people have immense potential to impact our community positively and creatively. Project TEDY aims at cultivating a stronger sense of social responsibility and empathic understanding for the elderly and people living with disabilities in students. We will facilitate a highly engaging and interdisciplinary platform for students to provide direct help for the target beneficiaries by generating innovative and technology-based solutions for them. Through NGO-assisted visits and workshops, students will interact and communicate with the target beneficiaries and develop a profound understanding of the difficulties faced by people living with disabilities. Students will then custom-design and create prototypes of assistive devices to solve their daily problems, improve their physical and emotional wellbeing, and assist them to live independently. We believe this project will demonstrate the meaningful use of technologies that can help alleviating societal problems, bring social innovations and inspire others in the community.