Active learning of neuroanatomy via 3D reconstruction of the brain

Principal Investigator

  • Dr. Chun Yue LAU


To facilitate students’ active learning of the complex networks of our nervous system, we propose to utilize fluorescent images to construct 3D models of the brain. A Research Assistant (RA) will be hired to obtain high-quality fluorescent images of the brain and reconstruct them into a 3D model of the sensory cortex. Students will learn to build 3D models using computer software. They will present their learned material to the rest of the class, and these presentations will be videotaped. The rest of the class will evaluate and provide feedback to the presenting students. These pedagogical methods are in line with CityU’s Discovery-Enriched Curriculum and are expected to enhance the students’ learning and retention of neuroanatomy and should be broadly applicable to many other disciplines.