Using mobile phone application and unique experience to enhance social worker students' creativity

Principal Investigator

  • Dr. Man Yee HO


This innovative project aims at enhancing students’ creativity through the new challenge-based learning module. Aligning with the goal of the Discovery-enriched Curriculum, providing appropriate methods, technques and tools that help students come up with new discovery, creative ideas and innovation are crucial. However, the existing curricumlum does not emphasize on creativity or innovation. Therefore, the challenge-based learning module will be embeded in the curriculum by using new technolgy - a creative learning mobile phone application “Creative Mind”. This application includes some creative training tools and exercises for students to learn and practice creative thinking skills. After the completion of this challenge-based learning module, students’ creativity will be enhanced at the end of the semester compare to the beginning of the semester. The performance of the Creative Mind application exercises will be positively correlated with the grades on creativtiy of their group project. The new challenge-based learning module can help students constantly think of new and innovative ways of solving problems in their professional work and daily lives.