Visualization Improves Practical in Hematology Core Courses

Principal Investigator

  • Dr. Jiahai SHI


Department of Biomedical Sciences aims to offer trainings for Medical Laboratory Technologists (MLT). In the training program, the two core courses (BMS3001-Hematology and BMS3006-Transfusion Science) provide both cutting-edge knowledge in hematology and extensive hand-on experience in clinical hematological analysis, which is one of the important component of MLT training. The department has recruited 4-5 external MLT-certified demonstrators to demonstrate practical. However, since the limitation of spaces and time, students are not able to watch each demonstration in detail. Therefore we propose to record the practical done by demonstrators. There are seven practical in both courses. We will record the pre-lab of each practical, including experiment preparation, performing experiments and results validations. Practical videos will help students understand each hematological technique in more detail by viewing these videos for many times.