Strengthening Legal Education at CityU: A Jurisprudential Approach

Principal Investigator

  • Dr. Andra LE ROUX-KEMP


This project aims to contribute to the critical skills of law graduates of CityU. The project will utilize teaching, writing and curriculum development in jurisprudence as a vehicle to achieve certain critical, generic and measurable outcomes. The primary expected outcomes are centered on the use of jurisprudence in order to facilitate critical and abstract thinking, lifelong learning, and good writing in law. While these critical attributes will contribute to the development of CityU graduates as well-rounded individuals, it is also expected that the importance of jurisprudence in teaching and in the learning process will organically contribute to a paradigm of learning that recognises needs beyond the vocational. One important secondary outcome is the expectation that the project will through its different components and activities, as well as its method and tone, contribute to a spirit of critical discussion, lifelong learning and peer activities among law graduates, thus having a cumulative impact beyond the project itself. With the various publications that are expected as outcomes the project will not only contribute to the research profile of CityU, but will also memorialise critical institutional and educational experiences relevant to the teaching, learning and research agenda of CityU.