CRITICAL GAMES: integrating creativity and critical thinking via the design of playable and participatory experience

Principal Investigator

  • Mr. Yuk Yiu IP


While often used for leisure, the applications of video game go far beyond its commonly perceived role as a recreational pastime, and have been widely used in different areas such as military training, cognitive research as well as psychological therapy that entail practical usages and effects. The current project proposes to use video game as a pedagogic vehicle to facilitate learning and application of digital creativity and critical thinking.  It intends to explore video game as a creative and critical medium that allows students to formulate and express ideas via the design of playable and participatory experience.  Specifically an interest group will be formed to mentor students in critical video game development that will lead up to an art exhibition demonstrating the project outcomes.  Video game is used both as a means and an end to achieve an integrative process of learning, thinking and doing.