"Cut^&Paste":Paper Collage Technique and Visual Argumentation

TDG - Teaching Development Grant

Principal Investigator

  • Dr. Dennitza GABAKOVA


This project aims at the conservation and archiving of the creative- output :i:ti the form- of paper collage of the students from the GE 2107 course Ideology and Creativity: Unwrapping "Japanese Culture". Collected works by the students need to be scanned in high resolution and annotated in the way they connect to the study of culture and to visual argumentation. Pending upon clearance of the condition of fair use of existing media images in the students' paper collages, an agreement will be sought with City U Press for publication of the material with annotation, commentaries and connections with academic literature associated with the visual material content, thus producing a textbook genuinely motivated by students' input. Further, technical arrangements will be considered in order to curate an exhibition.