Ubiquitous Learning: Mobile App for Internship Students

TDG - Teaching Development Grant

Principal Investigator

  • Dr. Andrew CHAN


This project collects DEC evidence on the ideal CityU graduate attributes as an "adaptive, reflective life-long learner". Exercising discretion and life-long learning skills is common for summer internship students in CB who encounter problem-solving situations. Life-long adaptive, reflective learning is manifested in this project in terms of "seeking of information within and beyond discipline based knowledge and then using them continuously for analysis and application in the workplace." The project develops an app tool enabling a ubiquitous and timely learning environment, hence cultivating a life-long learning attitude among students. Push-messages embodying care and sensitivity in the app will engage students in analyzing work encounters based on major-specific knowledge. This enriches their discovery and helps gauge DEC evidence of life-long learning attitudes in problem-solving using subject-related knowledge around their majors. The metrics we develop for this project chimes with self-reflection while their memories are still vivid and fresh. This project commissions a small design team from the Departments of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering to develop a mobile app learning device under the auspices of CityU Apps Lab. The app will then be used by about 160 College of Business CB3800 students during their internship.