Chinese Civilisation Teaching Gateway Scheme-enhancing creativity of CityU students

TDG - Teaching Development Grant

Principal Investigator

  • Dr. Chau Hung Dung


This project aims to enhance the creativity of CityU students. The first part ‘Understanding Classical Poetry’ enables students to understand the format and the cultural implication of classical poetry through the course we teach. ‘Recording the presentations and testing of creativity’ refers to inviting scholars to deliver talks related to creative writing so as to let students learn how to appreciate the works by the predecessors, and we will do video shooting for the talks so as to make them into eternal teaching materials and make DVDs. ‘Transferring creativity’ refers to students writing their own creative poetry, Ci and prose after attending the course, talks and workshops. For ‘Online commenting of creativity’, the students can comment the works each other to sharpen their critical thinking. For ‘Enhancing creativity’, students’ works will be posted in the CCIV website and experts will be invited to write commentaries and recommendations, and the refined works by students will be published in a book. Lastly, we will ‘Promote Creativity’ by using the published book as a reference book for the course that we teach, so that student can learn from the works by their fellow students. All the activities mentioned above are open to students not taking the course so that more students can be benefited and it helps boost the atmosphere in creation within CityU.