3-D Immersive Display for Enhancing Teaching on Principles of Fission Reactors (MBE3107- Principles of Fission Reactors)

TDG - Teaching Development Grant

Principal Investigator

  • Prof. Ching Chang Chieng


The project is to apply 3-D immersive display technology to enhance the teaching of the principles of fission reactors (MBE3107- Principles of Fission Reactors). The application of 3-D immersive display will enable the students to visualize the internal structure of a nuclear reactor core and also its dynamic behavior and thermal characteristics. Through the visualization of a nuclear reactor core inside the pressure vessel, students would learn how to relate abstract theories of fission reactors to the real world in order to develop a deeper understanding of the subject. This project team will draw on the expertise of Prof Jerrfey Shaw’s team to develop the contents.