Cultivating students' discovery ability by guiding students to ask questions

TDGs - Teaching Development Grants

Principal Investigator

  • Dr. ZHI Chunyi


To ask is to discover where the problems or solutions are. With this project, I will carry out following attempts to enhance Discovery-Enriched Curriculum.

  1. Instead of me asking student questions for answers, I will encourage students to ask and the other students to answer.
  2. The students will be also encouraged to take part in some scientific seminars, to ask some questions after the seminar and to communicate with the presenter.
  3. To design the circulation of asking-answering-asking-answering which will cultivate the students’ ability to discover. The funds will be used to create puzzle videos, preparing Lecture tools questions, hiring RA to help with record question and discussion minutes. The documents will be organized in a report, which will be submitted to EDGE after the project finishing.