LOVE Project in GE2109 Love, Sex, and Relationships: Psychological perspectives

TDGs - Teaching Development Grants

Principal Investigator

  • Dr. YU Xiaonan Nancy


  • Dr. LAI Chuk Ling Julian


GE2109 Love, Sex, and Relationships: Psychological Perspectives focuses on the scientific study of intimate relationships with an emphasis of effective strategies for maintenance of satisfied, healthy, deep, and lasting relationships. The PI proposes a LOVE Project which integrates teaching, learning, and research elements to engage students in activities inside and outside of the classroom. The PI will guide students in carrying out a series of tasks (e.g., to formulate a research question, to identify crises in intimate relationships, to generate components of positive relational qualities that can help couples overcome crises, to develop a measurement of positive relational qualities, to recruit couples to complete a survey, and to compose a report on the protective effects of positive relational qualities on intimate relationships and well-being). In this LOVE Project, students will integrate theory and practice, develop insight into intimate relationships, and stimulate their critical thinking and creative thinking about relationship maintenance.