Teaching Cloud Computing with a Real Cloud and Real Cloud Practitioners

TDGs - Teaching Development Grants

Principal Investigator

  • Dr. XU Hong


Cloud computing is one of the most important emerging technologies in both industry and academia. This project aims to adventure into the design and evaluation of new teaching means to be used for a new course on cloud computing, offered by the CS department. First, the PI will use a real cloud for teaching cloud computing so students have hands-on experience. We will develop highly flexible hands-on laboratories coving different cloud technologies, based on Amazon Web Services. Second, real practitioners working on cloud computing from both industry and academia will be invited as guest speakers to deliver guest lectures. We intend to invite local entrepreneurs and researchers to share their experiences of the impact of cloud computing. These two new teaching methodologies will equip students with a well-rounded understanding of the technology, and gain a working knowledge of how cloud computing could be useful for many businesses.