Discovering the World of Management: Insights from Senior Students, Alumni, Faculty Member, and Business Practitioners

TDGs - Teaching Development Grants

Principal Investigator

  • Dr. KWAN Siu On Andy


  • Dr. CHAN Sue Christina


This discovery project aims to enrich students' understanding of the real work carried out by student interns and business alumni in their workplaces. It explores the challenges faced by alumni and interns in their working lives. Professional advice will be given by faculty members in the Department of Management to help resolve these work challenges. This project support the implementation of the Discovery-Enriched Curriculum because selected students, alumni, and faculty members of the Department of Management will work closely to discover management practices in the local and global business environment. This project will produce demonstrable learning and teaching benefits because the final deliverables, video interview clips, will be made widely accessible to students, alumni, and educators via the Department's website and on a new touch-screen video display. The latter will be located at an entry point into the Department's offices where it will be viewable by all students and visitors.