Enhancement of innovative counselling knowledge and skills in youth aggression and victimization across familyand school contexts for practitioners

TDGs - Teaching Development Grants

Principal Investigator

  • Dr. FUNG Lai Chu Annis


Aggressive incidents are prevalent among youth and rapidly increase in Hong Kong, however, without any curriculum in tackling this serious problem in undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in counselling. This project aims to address this gap for enhancing counselling knowledge and skills on youth aggression and victimization among students registered in SS6806 Counselling Practicum (2013-14 Semester A & B) and SS5822 Family-based Service and Family Practice (2013-14 Semester B) by integrating multiple elements (e.g., case studies, group discussion on hypothetical scenarios, video demonstrations, role-play, and printed materials) with existing teaching and learning activities.

To facilitate students to learn more about the specific counselling skills on different types of aggressors and victims, besides offering an online platform to students' self-learning after class through involving a comprehensive website on youth aggression and victimization with multiple target groups (e.g., individuals, peers, parents, teachers, and social workers/ counsellors) across school and family contexts which designed by the PI.

Students could be well-equipped and competent to handle children and adolescents with aggressive behavior and peer victimization with accurate assessment and appropriate intervention in their current practicum sites and future work as professional counsellors or social workers.