CityU Online Platform for the Teaching/(self-)Learning of Translation and Bilingual Writing:
Implementation and development

TDGs - Teaching Development Grants

Principal Investigator

  • Prof. ZHU Chunshen


As featured at CityU Discovery Festival 2013, the CityU Online Platform for the Teaching/(Self-)Learning of Translation and Bilingual Writing is a substantial product of TDGs 6000304 with the potential of developing into a ground-breaking and cost-effective educational paradigm in classroom and web-based settings to optimize the use of teaching resources, by forming an inter-institutional/international network led by CityU. The Platform is currently being used on two CTL courses, providing not only a system of text annotations, exercises, knowledge-focused topical boards for the study of translation/bilingual writing skills, but also an online ground to encourage students and guide them in exercising their critical and creative thinking to discover new ideas, textual and translational phenomena and their relations not yet covered by the Platform's data annotation, lectures or other textbooks.
The Platform is also attracting interest from other institutions for collaboration.
The present proposal is therefore to seek financial support for 1) implementing the Platform in more extensive teaching use, 2) developing its corpus and systems of annotations, exercises and topical boards to make it more powerful a professional teaching tool, 3) improving its navigation facilities and user-interface, and 4) consolidating CityU's leading position in online translation teaching.